You need to launch a Web Store for your newest client, but don't want to spend hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars on spec samples, and then photography, etc. Or your client can't envision what their product will look like with their imprint. LOGO CLEAN UP to the Rescue!

With our Virtual Samples, you can look mighty good and so can your client, for as little as $10 per image. Here's how it works:

You send us a link or JPG of the item you need to virtually "imprint" with your client's logo. It doesn't have to be a "blank" photo, we can paint out the logo that is already on the item, and then curve, skew, add perspective to your client's logo and paint it on to the item. In many instances, we can even change the color of the item.

We've been doing this type of photo art since 1995, and were among the first in the industry to offer this service. You won't get some schlocky image that looks as if a computer uplink slapped a flat logo over the item. These images look great, and can save you time and money in putting together a presentation or web site.

Check out samples of our work below. NONE of these photos were physically imprinted with the logos displayed. ALL were virtually painted with the logo as shown.















Proofreading for errors and omissions is ultimately the responsibility of the purchaser. assumes no responsibility for any errors that may occur as is the industry standard. Liability shall be limited to correction of the error at no cost, on the original file that has been purchased. Final approval of all art files is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and any errors or omissions should be pointed out for correction prior to printing. As is the printing industry standard, print purchasers and brokers assume responsibility for unproofed artwork files.