At, we can take your sketch, business card, fax, web image or illustration and have a digitally perfect logo in your email box in as little as one day (dependent upon production availability). We've been doing this for years, ever since the advent of vectored art software. Your supplier receives a file they can simply separate and output for their printing needs. BEST OF ALL, you keep the file, to use again and again.

Plus digital art means that the logo is perfect every time it is printed, regardless of the size.  Your imprints are better, your nightmares of paying different suppliers time and again are over, thus saving time and money. is more than an art service, as our customers have come to discover. Our roots are in the Promotions business, having been an asi-listed distributor for more than 8 years. We have lived through all the heartaches that imprinting causes, have extensive knowledge about screen-printing, embroidery and debossing.

We know that you need great quality, super low pricing, and dependable service. That's why we're dedicated to bringing you a 24 hour or less turnaround as production permits, the best price for the level of service you receive of anyone we've found in this industry, and a committment to your success, because you now have an in-house, round the clock art department at your disposal.


How many times have you received an email, fax, or voice message from your Supplier that the art you supplied is not "camera-ready" and that they can fix it for an additional charge, and add another day or two (or more?) to production?

You repeatedly explain to your customer that you must have "camera-ready" art, only to receive a low resolution scan of their logo, business card, or better yet, a URL to their website, where you can download their logo?

These scenarios are arguably the most common dilemnas in the promotional products industry, causing undue stress, frustration and wasted time and money. The graphics world has been revolutionized by the computer in recent years.

Today, most graphics applications for imprinting are based on outputing a high-resolution image, to size, on a Level 1 or Level 2 PostScript printer or image-setting device. It's kind of like printing a document from your own PC, except the printing device is professional grade. Of course, a high resolution image is required for optimum printing, and that's where the industry is moving towards the graphics standard of vectored EPS images.

Gone are the days of the Graphics camera and, in many cases, the film positive. The computer has made it very simple and cost effective to output art for printing. When it's this easy for your supplier, why would they want to be bothered wtih an ad slick or a stat that needs to be scanned, and retouched?

By the way, the term "camera-ready" is a misnomer, the actual term should be "digital art." Of course, jargon takes generations to change, so expect the term to be used for quite some time. In actuality, today's "camera-ready" really refers to vectored digital art.


*Subject to Production Availability. reserves the right to quote any job differently based on complexity of the art provided. All jobs requiring more than the $29.95 price will be quoted prior to production for your approval. As a rule, the $29.95 price per logo prevails in over 95% of all work submitted.