We've studied this up-and-coming business hard and fast. What we have concluded is that LogoCleanUp.com is your best source for quality digital art work, with the fastest turnaround time, and the very best price for that service.

Sure, you might find a better price, but the service won't be as fast, or as friendly. We're here in the USA, Southern California to be exact. We produce all work right here in our Southern California design studios, not some off-shore location where the artists are asleep while our business day is in full swing.

And we provide 24 hour service, if not sooner, with no extra charge. No other digital art service offers what we offer, in fact, try getting another service to give you all that we offer for a price even close to ours.

$29.95 per Logo.

All that service for just $29.95 per logo. We will turn your art submission into a fully vectored EPS file. Simple spot color separations are included in that price.

We produce all of our art using Adobe Illustrator, the industry standard in graphics design. We can save your EPS file for Corel Draw, Illustrator or Freehand formats, as well as Adobe Acrobat. Just let us know how you'd prefer your art.

Here's what you get for your $29.95:

The Highest Quality Fully Vectored EPS file
High-resolution JPG proof of the EPS image
Storage of your completed file on our server
24 Hour or better service*
Edits on any logo we have produced for only $10


 alzmemorywalk.jpg (126900 bytes)


club-racing.jpg (69987 bytes) 


 lou-tigers.jpg (202996 bytes)


 PEACH-PAD.jpg (191406 bytes)

NEWARK.jpg (129621 bytes) 

stratford.jpg (109135 bytes) 

 All-Ohio-Trade-Fair.jpg (83327 bytes)

 c21-fine-homes.jpg (84085 bytes)

 teamhurrican.jpg (142116 bytes)


*Subject to Production Availability. LogoCleanUp.com reserves the right to quote any job differently based on complexity of the art provided. All jobs requiring more than the $29.95 price will be quoted prior to production for your approval. As a rule, the $29.95 price per logo prevails in over 95% of all work submitted.

Proofreading for errors and omissions is ultimately the responsibility of the purchaser. LogoCleanUp.com assumes no responsibility for any errors that may occur as is the industry standard. Liability shall be limited to correction of the error at no cost, on the original file that has been purchased. Final approval of all art files is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and any errors or omissions should be pointed out for correction prior to printing. As is the printing industry standard, print purchasers and brokers assume responsibility for unproofed artwork files.